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Liu Institute Visiting Fellow in Residence at Green College 2014-15

We are no longer accepting applications for this position. 


Liu Institute Visiting Fellows Program

Visiting Fellow appointments are intended to help the Institute invite practitioners and academics in other institutions to conduct research, or be involved in other institute activities. No salary is paid by the Institute for these appointments.

The following applies to all visiting fellow appointments:

1.  The Visiting Fellow will have a shared office and full access to meeting rooms, conference facilities, and staff support at the Institute, as well as access to the UBC library.

2.  Conditions of acceptance are that you will:

a)  submit a working paper (approx 6,000-10,000 words) to the Department's Electronic Working Paper Series to be published subject to acceptance, before the completion of your visit or within one month of your departure, and;

b)  be available to deliver a research seminar to our staff and PhD students (subject to term dates and other factors).

3.  If you are interested in applying, please complete all sections of the Visiting Fellow Form. The section, "Contribution to the Institute" is a space for you to summarise your teaching/research skills as they might apply to the Liu Institute.  Return the completed form to the address at the bottom of this page along with your CV.

4.  Applications will be circulated to the Institute's academic staff and are considered two times each year.  You should receive a final response within six weeks of each of these dates:

• 1st October
• 1st April

Please send your CV and completed form by email to:


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